Colombian Entrées

Bandeja Paisa

Traditional Colombian dish served with rice, crispy pork belly, red beans, minced meat, colombian chorizo, fried egg, sweet plantians, arepa and avocado.

Cecivhe De Camaron

Shrimp cocktail

Churrasco Argentino

Traditional Argentinian prepared beef served with green plantians and chimichurri sauce.

One Arepa

Cheese and ground beef, chicharron, morcilla or chorizo

Colombian Empanadas

Four empanadas (Beef/Potato, Chicken/Cheese, Ham/Cheese, Shrimp/Cheese). Served with Rusty Anchor Sauce.

Sopa de la Abuela

Bowl (Chicken and Vegetable Soup)

Pargo Frito

Pargo entero frito/whole fried snapper served with patacones and salad.


Served with papa criolla, sweet plantains, morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo Colombiano, ribs and fresh tomatoes.

Arroz Con Pollo

Rice and chicken, red bell pepper, peas, carrots. Served with patacones or fries and a small salad.


Mango, Lulo, Maracuya (passion Fruit), Curuba (banana passion fruit), Tamarido, Pina (pineapple), Mora (blackberry), Guanabana (soursop)